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By: Scott Palat

Online tutoring jobs offer a chance for teachers or people who enjoy teaching to work from home. With and new online tutoring companies, you can find a job from home. The demand is high for qualified online tutors and some companies are paying $8 - $15 per hour for a qualified tutor.
Algebra and Geometry seem to be the most difficult classes for middle school students, but tutors are needed to help as well as high school students. The that most online tutoring companies offer allow the tutor and student to communicate by writing in the whiteboard and speaking through the computer.
Any subject can be taught inside of the online classroom and a good tutor will help each student understand what is being taught. Tutors are not permitted to give out answers, but instead they are encouraged to help each student understand the step by step process needed to solve problems.

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Most online classrooms will allow the student to print each lesson so it can be used as a study guide while preparing for tests or quizzes. If you like the idea of working from home and you truly enjoy teaching, an online tutoring job might be perfect for you.
You can set your own hours and work from home. With the demand for online tutoring increasing each and every year, you should be able to work 40 or more hours per week. Once you begin working with an individual student, they will probably request you again and again. This will also make it easier for you to game plan and share in the success of each student you tutor.
Most online tutoring sessions are overseen by the parent, but once the parent feels comfortable with you, the student will log on and request tutoring sessions without the supervision of their parent.
Some online tutoring companies offer consultations with the parent to ensure each tutor is doing an acceptable job and to game plan for the future. Most companies guarantee better grades for each student and if a tutor is not doing a good enough job to help the student, they will not be tutoring for long.
If you do choose to take an online tutoring job, be the best you can be and hopefully you will enjoy helping students who are currently getting bad grades. It will feel great once you help a struggling student get A's instead of F's. An online tutoring job can be very gratifying.



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